The clients asked for a modern barn, so the architects conjured up a hybrid solution that combines the pitched roof, shingle siding and rustic charm of an old New England barn with the open, free-flowing interiors of a modernist pavilion. It’s an elegantly simple plan with nothing sentimental about the treatment. The standing-seam zinc roof and steel-framed windows add a slightly industrial, urban edge to offset more rustic associations. A deep overhang announces the main entrance through a pair of heavy-duty teak doors set within the middle of a 20-foot-high wall of glass. The doors open directly into a living-dining space unencumbered by structural walls or columns. “Inside, it’s pure space for the sake of space,” said Chris Coy. The soaring ceiling is made from western red cedar and the minimal fireplace is bluestone. Interior walls are painted white and the sparse furnishings are all in pale, muted tones. “It’s very Zen-like inside,” said Coy. Large cedar panels hang from overhead tracks and can be slid shut during hurricanes or off-season months. A second-level catwalk with glass railings hangs suspended above the entry and traverses the length of the main space to provide access to the master bedroom suite and guest rooms.

“Pure space for the sake of space.”